Nitpick no more? Banish your fear of lice forever!

September 25, 2017

Step into the salon at 135East Main Street, 2nd Floor inJefferson Valley and at once thevibe is cool, fresh, friendly andfragrant. The breezy 2nd floorlocation feels like a hip treehousefurnished in shades ofwhite, light blue, yellow andtangerine. The inviting waitingarea has comfortable seating,activities for kids, a small shopand TV. The salon is brightly litwith entertaining activities forkids when seated one of thestyling chairs. Just another hairsalon? Think again.

Welcome to The Lice Chicks,where all myths about lice aredispelled and fear of these tinyinsects conquered. This fullservicehead lice treatmentsalon is owned by Jennifer Kilduffand her team of expertswho are certified and trained inthe Shepherd Method, whichcarries the highest standard inthe burgeoning lice eradicationbusiness.

The services offered includesame day, one-day non-toxic,safe and pesticide-free licetreatment, follow up, educationand prevention in a stress-freeenvironment.

Head lice, including “superlice” are everywhere and do notdiscriminate. They are also becomingmore and more resistantto what were the traditionalmethods of treatment in thepast. Nearly everyone withschool-age children has exposureto or experience with liceat some point. Treatment usedto include at-home toxic chemicalwarfare against these insidiouscreatures, intense cleaningof rooms in the home, hairshaving,and of course, stigma.Jennifer and her team are atonce calm, peaceful and reassuring.Anxiety abated, confidenceis returned to the entirefamily.

Part of the Lice Chicks experience is also the in-depth consultationand education about basically everything you didn’t know youneeded to know about lice. For example, they like clean and dirtyhair. They favor certain blood types. They can’t jump across a roomonto your head. Lice need a live “host” so they won’t live on yoursofa for months after you’ve sat on it; they will dehydrate and diewithin 12-24 hours. There is a wealth of information to arm yourselfwith on the Lice Chicks’ website, particularlyon the FAQ tab.

The Lice Chicks are just aphone call away and an appointmentcan be made 7 daysa week. The salon’s regularhours are Monday-Sunday from9-6. If you are unsurewhether an actual lice infestationis present, the Lice Chicks willperform a head check for a small feewhich is then applied to treatmentcost if necessary.

There is no official lice “season”.They are prevalent year around, busy during the school yeara n dbusy in the summer with camps and sports. They are no fun to comein contact with but now, armed with the resources of The LiceChicks, dread has given way to empowerment.

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